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If you could name a street anything, what would you name it?
12/03/2016 08:12 PM
Streaming some RMN games! Wanna watch?
12/03/2016 12:08 PM
Me trying to work out how people know my Skyrim character is a female Orc like ???
12/01/2016 10:53 PM
today I learned that marsbars are real
12/01/2016 07:06 AM
tfw halfway through your holiday booked to play video games, FFXV still hasn't arrived ;_;
11/30/2016 10:34 AM
Working with the "true" game boy palette has been a godsend so far in my pixel art practicing. Everything I need to do now is to just take one step at a time.
11/30/2016 12:59 AM
PSA: Linearity doesn't instantly mean that a game is bad.
11/29/2016 12:03 PM
I am back. You may continue to shower me with Hella Fun Times.
11/28/2016 04:00 PM
This guy are sick ( ± _ ±)
11/27/2016 07:43 PM
When you see RPG Maker VX Ace on Steam have a -90% sale on it. #gg
11/27/2016 09:35 AM
Would you rather be a sadman or a fatman?
11/27/2016 08:25 AM
Man, I need to get back on here a bit more. >_>
11/26/2016 08:13 PM
just saw some game called The Lion's Song on steam... has some gorgeous aesthetic
11/26/2016 05:06 AM
In Japan on vacation now :)
11/26/2016 12:56 AM
Unleash your inner-7-year-old!
11/24/2016 09:44 PM
I'm having a blast writing my Character Gameplay Showcases. They're a lot of fun and I'm glad people are liking them!
11/24/2016 07:37 PM
Happy thanksgiving!
11/24/2016 04:51 PM
Combining multiple RTP battle-animations together is the most tedious RPGMaker task I can think of...
11/24/2016 09:07 AM
Iced Iced Pastry
11/24/2016 07:36 AM has a p. sweet bundle of 151 games for 20 bux:
11/23/2016 04:24 PM