Featured Game: Three Ghostly Roses
Edmund's thoughts are stained by a silhouette. A rose. As he begins his journey, the silhouette never leaves his thoughts. The trials on the road to the Garden Tower are many and hard. Edmund must overcome them.
Event: Kids Design the Darndest Things
Unleash your inner-7-year-old and create monster graphics based on the designs of MY 7-year-old! Join this fun, quick resource-making event now! Deadline is Dec 4th.
Misaos: 2016 RESULTS
The votes have been tallied, the results are in. Who won what prize?
Event: Winterruption!
It's cold outside (unless you're in Australia) and I bet you could use a bit of a quest to take your mind off the chill. How about a couple of quests? How about a deluge~?
Spotlight: Development
Chipping away at concepts & graphics in Eye of Uzola
Spotlight: Greenlight
Soma Spirits spirited greenlight is a go!
Classic: War of Two Worlds
Go on a 20-hour quest that poses many moral questions.
Event: Archstone
Using the monsters from the Kids Design event!
With a sweet 1707 votes this year, the results are in for the 2016 Misaos. Who won the coveted GOTY award? Did you manage to pick the winners? Was there a sweep or not? What games should you keep an eye out for this coming year?

Check the deets!
01/20/2017 01:36 AM
The next round of stats are up.

We now have over 4000 active game profiles, WIP is about to get knocked off the TOP 10 in Makerscore, yet we still have over 1000 games with a download without a review.
01/08/2017 03:02 PM
The next round of stats are up!

Of note, we have 200 commercial game profiles on RMN now (oh noes!), 4.2 million downloads, 5 people with over 10000 posts, and a lot of activity in The Super Secret Ninja Hideout...
12/07/2016 04:08 AM
It's a rare dev that custom-builds every part of a one-man project. Save for a few key scripts, Toymaker - Prologue looks, sounds, and feels like a very different creature than RPG Maker 2k3 usually wants to create. Moody and atmospheric, it depicts what I can only describe as Santa's North Pole undergoing some kind of Game-Of-Thrones-ian ragnarok, and it manages to present that setting with such gravity and clarity of purpose that the places where the game is lacking feel more like rough patches than oversights.
01/20/2017 01:38 AM