Featured Game: Everlong
You are a knight sworn to serve the Cirigoth Empire and trained in the dark arts, hunted by your imperial masters after turning renegade. Journey across the world's continents to forge a confederacy and fight for freedom in global war.
Event: Kids Design the Darndest Things
Unleash your inner-7-year-old and create monster graphics based on the designs of MY 7-year-old! Join this fun, quick resource-making event now! Deadline is Dec 4th.
Misaos: 2016 Nominations and Predictions
It's that time of the year again, and we're getting nearer to the Misao Awards. Whether you have played many or few games this year, feel free to discuss which games deserve to nab each award category, or explore the variety of games discussed.
Event: Secret Santa Sign-Up 2016
Christmas season is apon us once more and it's time to start thinking about giving gifts. Time to give in to the Christmas Spirit and share a little love and good cheer with your fellow RMNites. Sign up for Secret Santas now!
Spotlight: Development
Happup, a dog with a cool scarf
Spotlight: Community
OneShot is in the big leagues on Steam!
Hidden Gem: 3 Ghostly Roses
Let the rose guide your way.
Gem: Lavender
A twist on an old tale.
Forget the lame laugh-out-loud evil that plagues every other jRPG out there, let's talk antagonists that aren't people, aren't human and aren't one person. Let's discuss how we can change things up a bit. From society to selves, enemies that the hero has to fight in ways beyond sword and sorcery.
11/24/2016 09:49 AM
The latest round of stats are up (finally). I think this sets a new record for lateness. I blame my utter despair.
11/19/2016 04:52 AM
We have a steam group (that I never check, but it exists) and we also have that discord server thingie.

So we should game together. There HAS to be some game most of us have, or even a couple of us have. So let's play. Together. You know, instead of being lonely souls playing that 50 hour RPG by ourselves.
11/01/2016 09:13 AM

Sorry for being so late with the update, but the past month has been pretty hectic for me. I mean, it still is, but you deserve to know what's going on. So here I am. Good news, though: me being so quiet on the game's progress means that I've been putting my nose to the grindstone, and quite a bit has been done!
12/02/2016 05:12 AM